data protection
At Network Service Solutions, Inc., our expert team offers years of experience in a variety of industries and for a wide assortment of needs. Our IT options include:

Data Protection

If you don’t have a disaster recovery and business continuity program in place, you risk losing vital information – and maybe even your company – in the event of data theft or a disaster such as a fire or flood. We provide complete protection and backup service in the event of a crisis or system failure.

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Managed Services

We can free you from the headaches and frustrations of managing your IT in-house. You’ll save money and time, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on building your business. Focus on growing your business instead of wrestling with your IT.

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Business IT Support

If you don’t need a full IT department but still want technical support that’s available when you need it, we have a solution. Our hourly IT plans supply answers to questions about hardware, software and more.  Friendly, local support is just a phone call away.

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