If you own a small business, who is taking care of your company’s information technology (IT) needs? While you could hire a staff to handle the administration of your computer equipment, the associated costs of salary, benefits and supplies can be prohibitive. Instead of burdening your organization with extra expenses, you should work with an outside firm so you can concentrate on your normal activities. At Network Service NW., we’ve helped businesses with reliable IT management services for 20 years, and we’re ready to help you with installation and maintenance of your hardware, software and data security.

The Advantages of Working With a Contractor

You’ll receive several benefits when you work with a contractor for managed IT service, the biggest being the ability to focus on your company’s business activities. We’re available whenever you need us to solve any problems, and we offer low rates and monthly billing to help plan your organization’s budget. Instead of responding to an issue after it pops up, we can monitor your network to spot a problem before it happens, which can boost productivity and eliminate down-time that your people would otherwise have while waiting for a solution.

Convenient Computer Assistance

Whether your company is in Kent, South King County, Auburn, Tacoma or North Pierce County, trust Network Service NW. to administer your hardware and software assets at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT team. Running a business is already difficult enough without adequate resources, so there is no reason to budget for employees and equipment that could otherwise come from the outside. For more information about our offerings like cloud services or to schedule an evaluation of your setup, call us at 206-571-0231 today!