data protection
As a business owner, you hope that everything runs smoothly, but it makes sense to prepare yourself for the worst. With today’s concerns about identity theft, customers trust you to keep their information safe while it’s in your care. If something happened to your storage system tomorrow, what would you do to recover? At Network Service NW., we can help you implement a data protection plan that can keep your business running in the aftermath of natural and man made disasters without the added expense of a dedicated information technology (IT) department.

A Multifaceted Defense Program

You might think that your building is secure from threats, but there are plenty of ways that your company’s data could be at risk. While you have to contend with natural disasters like fire and flooding, you also have to protect yourself from nefarious activities such as hacking. Even if nothing catastrophic happens, computer equipment does eventually wear out, and it can take your information along for the ride to the grave. We can analyze your system for possible weaknesses and help you solidify your defenses with a diverse portfolio of services, including:
  • Antivirus and firewall software to protect against incursions
  • Automated backup of important files as insurance against hardware failure
  • Secure access to dedicated servers


If you need a frank analysis of your company’s data protection plans, contact Network Service NW for help throughout North Pierce County, Kent, South King County, Auburn and Tacoma. When a business loses important information, the aftermath can be devastating to the organization’s productivity and overall reputation, so why not prepare for the worst possible situations before they happen? To learn about our lineup of managed IT services or schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call today at 206-571-0231!