email hosting services
Today’s businesses depend on electronic communications to conduct daily operations, which is why you need reliability out of your email system. While you want to ensure that your people will always have access to messages with no lag, it’s a difficult financial undertaking for a small business to administer this network with internal employees. That’s why we administer Microsoft Exchange on your behalf. Get all of the benefits of a secure corporate email system without all of the expense of internal infrastructure, such as servers. At Network Service NW in Kent, we can provide the perfect setup for your organization and enhance it with services like spam filtering to maintain your productivity.

We Can Help You Learn the Lingo

If you need a simpler solution than Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, we can set up simple POP3 or IMAP mailboxes for your employees. POP3, which stands for “post office protocol,” is a setup that lets you download your messages to one computer, which means that changes don’t migrate to other devices. IMAP, an acronym for “internet message access protocol,” is a more flexible method of communications that stays synchronized with an exchange server, allowing all modifications to move along to any other device. When sending emails, SMTP, or “simple mail transfer protocol,” is the language that allows servers to communicate with each other to deliver your correspondence.

Managing Messages for Companies 

Whether your business is in North Pierce County, Auburn, Tacoma, South King County or Kent, trust Network NW to provide effective administration of your company’s hosted email network. The corporate world thrives on effective communication, so don’t get left in the dust due to undelivered messages. To schedule a consultation with one of our technicians, or to learn more about our other offerings like virus protection, call us at 206-571-0231 today!