virus and malware protection
While members of the legitimate business world deal in dollars and cents for currency, there’s a whole network of criminals and other unsavory people who trade in information. Whether you know it or not, your company’s data is under constant attack by spyware, worms, Trojan horses and other penetration efforts that are designed to compromise key data. To fully protect your company from intrusion and theft, you’ll need comprehensive virus protection that’s continually evolving to meet the latest threats. At Network Service Solutions, Inc. in Kent, we can help implement an effective defense program to meet the needs of your company so you can go back to conducting daily operations.

The Advantages of an Effective Defense Network

The biggest benefit to malware protection is the fact that it’s always on patrol for incursion efforts from downloaded programs and untrustworthy websites. A good antivirus system is only effective if it’s always updated, which is why the best setups do that in the background without constantly prompting you to take action. As soon as you turn on your computer, you can rest assured that your defense network is up and running to meet any threat that the internet can throw your way.

Our Programs and Systems Keep You Safe

Whether your business is, trust the information technology (IT) professionals at Network Service NW to devise a comprehensive strategy to defend your information from attackers. With the constant headlines about identity theft in the news, it only takes one data breach to ruin your company’s public reputation, and you might not be able to recover from the negative publicity. To schedule an appointment with one of our IT support specialists, call us at 206-571-0231 and protect your organization today!