cloud services
Technology is always evolving, and cloud computing is one of the most important advances of the last decade. Not only does this system allow businesses to simplify operations by hosting data and applications remotely, it also cuts down on costs that would normally be incurred by additional employees. While it may seem like this setup could benefit any organization, it’s important to get a frank analysis of your company’s needs before proceeding. At Network Service NW, we have plenty of experience providing cloud services to customers throughout Kent, and we’ll be able to tell you if it’s time for your company to make the switch.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage and Computing

Whether you know it or not, you’re probably already using some level of cloud computing in your personal life. One of the most common applications of this technology is email, as your home computer connects to your office’s exchange server to download important messages. Aside from communications and remote backup of important information, there are many businesses that use this setup to provide access to programs like Office 365 across a wide array of devices. Not only can you work with your preferred software and files from any connected computer, but the applications are always updated to the latest versions.

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If you own a business in Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, South King County or North Pierce County, turn to Network Service NW. to see if you’re a candidate for cloud services. Whether you’re enticed by flexible access to your backup files or you’re just looking for remote email hosting, this technology can provide a world of benefits. To schedule an appointment, call our friendly professionals today at 206-571-0231.